BenQ MX511 3D Projector review

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Here is my BenQ MX511 3D Projector review. I remember growing up that I always wanted to have my own home theater. More recently I decided to purchase my own projector. Did some researching and came to the conclusion to buy the BenQ MX511. BenQ MX511 3D Projector review This projector sat on my shelves for about a month or so, I had to wait for my HDMI to cat6 extension to come in. Unfortunately, having it hooked up to the cat6 extensions was not the best idea, especially in a older home.

Have you every heard of electrical noise. Let me just say every time the fridges compressor kicked in or the heater turns on or someone turned on a light switch, you would go to static. But I am getting off subject. Let me tell you about this projector, this is pretty awesome once you can get it working. The picture is so bright and vibrant you forget that you are sitting in your basement and you feel like you are actually at the BIG SCREEN. If you do not feel like using your surround sound this little guy has a built in speaker. It is not the loudest speaker in the world but it is a nice feature to have… Especially if you lost your remote to the surround sound. 🙂

I cannot say that I have tried out the 3D feature of this projector. I am currently in researching a HTPC( Home Theater Personal Computer)… but that will be on another post.


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