Car battery emulator 50A

Coming Soon with details. I will include all source code shortly as well as some pictures and video. I will try to include a link to the oshpark PCB.


Building a Linux based car entertain system and smart controls. I will try to include any source codes and schematics once this is in working condition.


Specs(more details coming soon)

10.1 Screen with resistive touch

Arduino Media controls

Arduino backlight controls

AMD FM2+ processor



Backup camera

Webcam Studio

What can I say. … I found this project a while back when a friend of mine asked me how hard it would be to have you own live video via internet. He asked me how hard would it be to make it look professional.  I start to research and came across  a java based project call Webcam Studio.  It was originally design to run on linux distribution call Ubuntu… but being Java based, there is starting to be support for other operating systems.

This software is really great. It allows you to use multiple cameras, add text, video,  pretty much anything to your live video feed… 

Right now the best thing I can do to help out is give them a backlink to their project so here it is.  Webcam Studio

Quick Reference Tools

Various tools and references I use with my projects. Links will be coming soon.

LED candle effect

Led candle effect using Arduino

Here is my attempt to make an LED candle. Version 2.0 is coming shortly. Come back to check it out. Read the rest of this entry »

XBOX 360 wireless controller for PC install

Here is why I am installing the XBOX 360 wireless controller for PC . So my HTPC is also a gaming rig… and well I am so use to playing games with my Xbox 360 wireless controller. I’ve seen the receiver online for about 30 bucks and that is way too expensive for me. I decided to do what I normally do in times like this. I try to find a deal on eBay. I found this guy selling them at  for about 10-12 bucks.

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Tinning PCB and drilling holes

Tinning PCB is a very important thing to do. It helps prevent the copper traces from corroding, it helps with soldering components in the future, and if you have to drill your own holes, it helps by acting as a guide for the drill bit.

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Etching PCB and have your own prototype in under an hour

I’ve always wondered how circuit boards were made. I decided to research and came up with this method. I have tried many chemicals and tons of exposure times when I started etching PCB.

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