Car battery emulator 50A

Coming Soon with details. I will include all source code shortly as well as some pictures and video. I will try to include a link to the oshpark PCB.


Building a Linux based car entertain system and smart controls. I will try to include any source codes and schematics once this is in working condition.


Specs(more details coming soon)

10.1 Screen with resistive touch

Arduino Media controls

Arduino backlight controls

AMD FM2+ processor



Backup camera

3D Printing

Coming Soon!



Getting a Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D printer made possible by Ultimate 3D Printing Store


Where I get my filament 3DXTech


Full review coming soon. I will be reviewing the customer service from Ultimate 3D printing Store as well as the service from the manufacturer. (please note things have been great so far).