Donate ? Donate

Donate ? Please 🙂 Donate

Ok… You’ve got a donate button on your website, what is up with that?

What inspired you to put a donate button on there?

Well, to fund my projects that I keep working on. Most of them are put on the back burner until I can get some financing to finish them. This is where you, the reader, come in to play. If really enjoy this website, if you have found is at all useful, then send me some cash. I would be happy with a dollar because then I would mean that I am a little closer to finishing my project. I’m not too sure what PayPal’s cut is of the money so maybe I might need more than a dollar.


Isn’t this begging?

I guess a little. I read an article on cyber begging, pretty much it said if you are struggling for money the create a website and start to cyber beg.


Are you struggling for money?

I figure this day and age… who isn’t.


So Donate, if you can

You can also get me something from my wish list at amazon just search for this email
amazon at fosgu . com