Laptop Replacement Screens

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Laptop Replacement Screens…Here is how the story goes….

My Grandma in Law had a laptop.

One day the laptop was placed on the dinning room chair. Unknowingly, one of her children sat in the chair, right on top of the laptop. They heard a pop and crack sound. They tried to power on the laptop but the screen was displaying pretty colors behind a spider webbed cracked screen.

Later on I received a call. They were wondering if I could replace the screen. I did some research and found a fairly cheap screen online with a 3 year warranty.  I figured why not, it’s affordable and if this website is a hoax then I’m out only a couple of bucks. So I chanced it and bought it. I had to wait only a week and I got it… well actually I ordered it on Sunday and the following Friday it was at my front door.

Took me about 10 minutes, and this was the first time I have ever replaced a laptop screen. I felt pretty proud. Better yet the thing turned on and looks better than before.

So if you ever need to replace a screen and you don’t mind doing it yourself. I would suggest that you at least check out

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