Roku 2 – Have you heard of it?

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Your probably thinking right now, “what is a Roku 2?” Well let me tell you…
Roku 2 is a media streaming device, it is a lot like Apple TV or Google TV. This small little device is very powerful. It has over 100,000 TV show and Movies that you can stream.

Roku currently carries 3 different models, the HD, which lets you stream is 720P. The XD which allows you to stream in 1080P, and finally the XS which has the same feature as the XD but it also allows you to play games too.

This device may not be for you, but if you have Netflix I highly recommend this device.

There are several perks about the Roku that I personally enjoy. First I like how I can the device plugged directly into my TV via HDMI cable and have the audio connected to my 5.1 surround sound. Another thing I rather enjoy is streaming Netflix in HD, it really makes you feel like your just watching another DVD. You will definitely need high speed internet if you decide to purchase one of these.  Please note that the HD and the XD only use WiFi which can be a hassle to set up (you might, well… you will have to adjust your channel that your WiFi is on, I had to go from channel 10 to 6 and finally channel 11). But if you decide to get the XS, you will have an Ethernet port so you have the option of dealing with the channels(also note that when changing the channels you should probably reboot the Roku so it can adjust).Roku 2 One of the greatest things to me about the product is the size and look. It is very sleek and modern, and you don’t have to make much room for it.

Several bad things about this little box. The IR for the remote is a little sketchy, a lot of the time I am sitting at an angle and it just doesn’t seem to work. I know that the android phones have an app that you can use for your remote, which is nice because it uses your WiFi but the app isn’t supported by Roku and it will cost you extra. Another thing about Roku, as a company that I don’t like is their support. They are very pushy and rude. The customer support isn’t so bad, but the technical support is well… all I can say is I don’t ever want to deal with them again.

Overall This is a pretty cool little toy. There is plenty of potential for this and the future of television. For me, I am trying to see if this can replace my current cable provider. If networks decide to create their own channel on this device then say goodbye to your cable company and hello to Roku.


*Please check back, I will be trying out the XD next. I will let you know if it is worth the extra cash.

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