Samsung Laptop Review

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Samsung Laptop Review or Samsung’s customer support and technical support or I should say lack of support.

My wife had me research and order a laptop for my mother in law. I decided to get the Samsung mainly for the spec’s it had and it was such a great price. About a week after my mother in law had it, the DC power socket broke inside the laptop. On numerous occasions I contacted Samsung about the issue, after about the tenth time they contacted me back, but they were not much help and didn’t give me many options. They said they could open a trouble ticket but they never did. I felt at this point my only option was to either return it back to the website I ordered it from or fix it myself.

Since my mother in law was so attached to it and I have been solder trained… I took the challenge. I found a replacement on eBay¬†and got the part with in 2 business day (cost was about 10 bucks with shipping). It took me about an hour to take the laptop apart, swap the DC power adapter and put it back together. I tested it and it worked like new. Now my mother in law is happy… which means the wife is happy.

So in short, the spec’s may be good but the tech support is missing.

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